Mauser Gewehr 98


TypeBolt-action rifle
Place of originGerman Empire
Service history
In service1898–1935
Used bySeeUsers
Production history
DesignerPaul Mauser
ManufacturerMauser,Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken,Haenel,Sauer & Sohn, Waffenwerke Oberspree, V. Chr. Schilling Co.,Simson, Imperial Arsenals ofAmberg,Danzig,Erfurt,Leipzig, andSpandau
VariantsK98a, K98b, kar98 az (used by Stürmtruppen in World War 1)
Mass4.09 kg (9.0 lb) with empty magazine Gewehr 98
3.50 kg (7.7 lb) Karabiner 98a
Length1,250 mm (49.2 in) Gewehr 98
1,090 mm (42.9 in) Karabiner 98a
Barrellength740 mm (29.1 in) Gewehr 98
590 mm (23.2 in) Karabiner 98a

CartridgeM/88until 1903,7.92×57mm Mauserlater
ActionBolt action
Rate of fire15 rounds/minute
Muzzle velocity639 m/s (2,096 ft/s) with M/88
878 m/s (2,881 ft/s) with 1903 pattern 9.9 g (154 gr) ball ammunition
Effective firing range500 m (550 yd) (withiron sights)
≥800 m (870 yd) (with optics)
Maximum firing range3,735 m (4,080 yd) withS Patrone
Feed system5 roundstripper clipsin an internalbox magazine
SightsIron sights
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